Skillful application of all-ceramic crowns is a painless, aesthetic way to improve your smile. To save time and money, many dentists place fabricated restorations that consist of porcelain-covered metal. Unfortunately, these restorations appear opaque and flat, and often include a distinct, gray line next to the gums. Since light cannot pass through metal crowns, your smile loses its natural luster and sparkle.

At TruYou Dental, we use quality, all-ceramic and zirconia crowns, which have all the beauty and light transmission of porcelain. While they are metal free, they are as durable as metal-ceramic crowns. Leveraging years of advanced training and restorative experience, our doctors carefully place each crown to ensure strength and longevity. The result? Teeth that are strong, functional and beautiful. Metal-free dentistry restores your bite to its natural form and beauty, so you’re free to smile again.

And now, thanks to the new computer-aided design and manufacturing possible with CEREC technology, TruYou patients can receive ceramic crowns in just one appointment. There’s no need to make an impression or wear a temporary crown and schedule more than one visit. CEREC uses a camera to generate a three-dimensional digital design that can be fabricated and seated in your mouth during the same appointment. Learn more in this video.

Our dental team uses all-ceramic and zirconia crowns for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Restoration of broken or worn-down teeth

  • Anchoring of dental bridges

  • Renewal of misshapen or stained teeth

  • Masking of dental implants

  • Strengthening of weak or decayed teeth