High-quality dental implants can provide lifelong functionality, and no other restoration type can make that claim. At TruYou Dental, we specialize in natural, enduring dental implants. With eight additional years of specialized training in implant surgery and complex reconstructive dentistry, our doctors possess the expertise to ensure your next dental implant is a total success.

Many dentists possess restorative skill, but require the talent of an oral surgeon to complete the two-step implant process. Our doctors are trained in both implant phases, and oversee the entire implant process from start to finish. This industry-leading expertise ensures beautiful results and durable performance.

To preserve the look and functionality of your bite, trust our doctors to perform your single tooth implant or comprehensive, multiple-tooth restoration. In some cases, we provide surgical extraction on the same visit as your implant, which expedites the healing process and prevents a second surgery.

Implants are ideal for long-time denture wearers, since they restore bite pressure and re-establish full bite function. And, for patients who are anxious about the procedure, TruYou Dental offers oral sedation to promote relaxation.

The Implant Process

Once TruYou Dental has recommended an implant strategy, we obtain digital x-rays and conduct a CT scan. Our doctors then utilize powerful 3D imaging software, called SimPlant, to place your implant in a virtual environment before conducting surgery. This high-tech step prevents unnecessary oral trauma, and makes the implant process shorter, less invasive, and more precise. In fact, many implants can be done painlessly—in just one hour!

All-on-4 Implant System

For patients suffering from total or extensive tooth loss due to periodontal disease, injury or complicating health conditions, TruYou Dental may recommend the All-on-4® implant system. A proven solution that delivers exceptional results, All-on-4 also addresses the jawbone deterioration that may accompany pervasive tooth loss.

When properly designed and placed, All-on-4 implants look and feel as natural as your original teeth. All-on-4 implants are also a wise choice for denture wearers, since they improve chewing capacity, enhance self-confidence, and prevent increased bone loss due to jaw shrinking.

All-on-4 Technology

Unlike other implant techniques, All-on-4 implant placement generally does not require preparatory bone grafting—which can take between three and six months of healing. After completion of your initial consultation, diagnostic procedures, and extractions, All-on-4 teeth are typically placed during a single appointment using minimally invasive procedures. While normal implants are placed into the jawbone at 90 degrees, rear All-on-4 implants are placed at 45 degrees, instead. This allows our doctors and dental team to use longer implants in this area, leading to improved implant integration—even in cases of decreased bone volume.

Once the implants are placed, you will receive a bridge of prosthetic teeth the same day. Since All-on-4 utilizes four implants instead the six to eight used in other implant procedures, healing is expedited and the procedure is often more cost effective.

Benefits of the All-on-4 System

The All-on-4 implant system provides permanent, lasting results that eliminate the need for denture adhesives. Additional advantages include:

  • One-day results with immediate function

  • Ability to avoid invasive bone grafting

  • Fixed, non-removable solution that functions like normal set of teeth

  • Reduced pain and swelling due to minimally invasive process

  • Ease of care and maintenance

  • Decreased cost over traditional implants