One of the most popular forms of smile enhancement, cosmetic bonding is affordable, painless and conservative. Draping new layers of resin to enhance the shape, shade, color and translucent appearance of teeth, our doctors use bonding to mold your smile into its most ideal form.

Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

Trusted for minor cosmetic updates, cosmetic bonding (1) repairs gaps and small chips, (2) removes stains, and (3) repairs small defects in low bite pressure regions. And, since they require little to no removal of the tooth’s basic structure, most bonding visits are fast and simple.

TruYou Dental patients often comment about the artistic quality of the bonding we provide. Our doctor’s extensive training in cosmetic and restorative dentistry allows them to craft a beautiful smile with unique details and subtle nuances. When the procedure is complete, bonded teeth look beautiful and entirely natural.

Reasons for Cosmetic Bonding

While many people turn to braces or veneers to restore their smile, bonding is often a timely, cost-effective alternative. Addressing a number of cosmetic issues, cosmetic bonding is used to:

  • Repair decayed teeth

  • Restore cracked or chipped teeth

  • Close small gaps and spaces

  • Renew tooth color

  • Reshape worn teeth

Patients who entrust our doctors with their cosmetic bonding enjoy results in as little as one visit, often with no required anesthesia. After the bonding material adheres and the tooth has been reshaped, our doctors apply finishing polish to give bonded teeth true luster and pristine brightness.