Your smile is an integral part of you. On display everyday, it’s a reflection of warmth and poise; a portrayal of your emotions—and a window to your personality.

For many, a redesigned smile seems like something reserved for celebrities and television makeovers. The truth is that your perfect smile—vibrant, youthful and self-assured—is well within your reach! Our doctors can give you the smile of your dreams.

At TruYou Dental, the first step in “smile design” is to examine every smile facet and contributing facial feature in order to recommend treatment that enhances your natural look. This may include:

  • Tooth Proportions: What are the ratios for the shape, size, length, width and angle of your teeth?

  • Tooth Color & Texture: Does the surface texture of your teeth complement your skin tone, eye and hair color?

  • Facial Structure: Does your face shape—square, round or oval—harmonize with the style of your smile?

  • Lip Line: To what degree do you possess facial symmetry? Does your lip line match the midline of your face, at rest and while smiling?

  • Gum Line: How much of your gums show when you smile? Are the contours on each side appropriate?

  • Age, Weight & Gender: Are teeth correctly proportioned in relation to these?

Reasons for Smile Design

TruYou Dental patients have many reasons for requesting smile design services. Teeth may be cracked, worn or discolored, or may contain gaps and chips. A rejuvenating smile makeover solves these problems—and crafts a smile that you can confidently share with family, friends and coworkers. Until you sit down with one of our doctors, you may not realize the feasibility of true smile transformation!

Our patients are thrilled with the results of their smile design procedures, because a new smile can reveal personality, improve relationships—and uncover new opportunities.