Porcelain veneers are the centerpiece of every smile makeover. Roughly the thickness of a fingernail, these bright, beautiful tooth coverings enhance your smile while boosting self confidence. While the veneer process takes several visits, the results are amazing—and well worth the time.

Before beginning, our doctors conduct a thorough smile analysis. Committed to your total satisfaction, our doctors will carefully answer all questions and explain the treatment process in detail. After your initial visit, you’ll be asked to gather images of favorite smiles: from personal photo books, celebrity magazines and online galleries. During a second in-depth consultation, our doctors and our dental team review these images, evaluate your facial features and make detailed recommendations for veneer treatment.

While you are considering your smile’s potential, our team is taking steps to craft your new look. These include taking digital photos, making bite impressions, creating diagnostic wax-ups, and reviewing 3D models of potential outcomes. Based upon your final feedback and approval, this comprehensive review process helps our doctors modify and finalize wax models. During a subsequent visit, our dental team generates an exact replica of your wax-up to produce temporary veneers.

You’ll spend several days trying out these temporaries. This is your opportunity to “live in” your new smile, and to experience the look and feel of your new teeth. Before final veneers are created, you can request changes to the shape, length, size and color. And, because of our partnership with Jason Kim Dental Lab, you will benefit from the expertise of world-class New York City ceramicists when it’s time to create your permanent smile.

During a final appointment, our doctors place your permanent veneers. Since most of the work was completed during diagnostic phases, this appointment goes smoothly—and with no surprises. As for final results, “astonished” is the word that best describes our clients’ reaction. Our doctors and our team have worked to seamlessly blend veneers with your existing smile—so it is noticeably more youthful and bright while appearing completely natural.